Losing 55lbs/25 kg in two months is Real! The most important thing is to Believe!

Hi All! My name is Jessica Anderson. I am happy that you read my microblog!

Thanks for your messages, I am glad to know that my blog is helpful for all of you! I am trying to reply you as soon as possible!

If you are reading it, it means that you are very concerned with the problem of an excessive weight. That is why I'm writing this blog for you! It used to be my problem also...

Destinies are all different. Some of us have been gifted with thin waist and long legs, others' 'gift' was many kilograms. But the God also gives an opportunity to change everything back. So one of the story that I would like to tell is about myself.

I will share with you my story describing everything step by step


I have always been fatty. In the kindergarden, at school, at the uni... During that time I even loved being fleshy, and men also enjoyed it since there was something to hold. When I was 20 I married my classmate and gave birth to a child.

The pregnancy costed me too much. My body was swollen. Every week the scale showed me new scary numbers. So when my son was born, my weight was 165 pounds (75 kilos)!

And then...breast feeding, endless troubles with the baby... So, I hadn't even noticed how I gained another 16 pounds (7 kilos). Overall, my weight was 181 pounds (82 kilos). Disheartening number...

After a gap year I returned to the university and wasn't fatty, I was really like a cow. The most dreadful thing was that the food became sort of a passion. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners became something bigger than simple meals. These became rituals!

I didn't notice how the food became my favourite pastime.

Even my husband moved to the second plan for me. I noticed it and pull myself together, but it was too late... My Michael went away to search other woman.

Endless attempts not to eat didn't give any results

I tried to fight. Almost stopped eating. The kilos melted, but so did my willpower. All my thoughts were about the food. The hunger turned me into an animal.

If earlier I was a pig outwardly, now I am the pig deeply in my soul. I only wanted to eat, eat, eat and one more time eat!

After the tremendous efforts I lost weight to 165 pounds (75 kilos). Of course in two months my weight returned to 181 pounds (82 kilos). Full circle, nothing extraordinary. Starvation is, I believe, the most horrible thing on Earth.
With all my kilos I graduated from the university and entered into a new mediocre life.

My story: how I have lost weight:

The salvation for me was my godmother. She works for a large company and can afford to go abroad for vacation. After a trip to Israel she brought me a little bottle on which was written 'BioActive Raspberry Ketones'. She said: "Try it, this is a new weight loss method. People say it works well"., – So simple, so trivially. I grabbed a bottle, like a drowning man at a straw!

The instructions were pretty simple - 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills in the evening daily. That's it! I started the course.

I felt I started to lose weight. It was obvious especially when I was wearing my old clothes and those were baggy. So I decided to check my weight again in one month. I couldn't stand and checked my weight in two weeks. Unbelievable, but it was 165 pounds (75 kilos)... Those 165 pounds (75 kilos) which I achieved through anguish, tears and constant desire to eat.

But that was only the beginning!

My body was losing extra kilos very hard, but when it understood that losing these kilos was easy and not painful at all, it started to work. After two weeks, taking BioActive Raspberry Ketones and not changing my nutrition, I recorded a new result - 150 pounds (68 kilos)!

Later on I decided to slow down. The intuition told me that after my weight dropped below 150 pounds (68 kilos), it was needed to reduce BioActive Raspberry Ketones from 4 pills to 2 pills after the dinner. But my weight still disappeared step by step. Gradually, the shape of an elegant woman started to appear. One more week and a new record - 139 pounds (63 kilos).

Since that time my life has changed a lot. I wanted to play with my son, go to the cinemas and theatres, visit exhibitions, hanging out with my friends in cafes. In one word, my life became bright and interesting. That's the life I always wanted to have!

Eventually, living my bright life I totally forgot that I ran out of BioActive Raspberry Ketones.

It was a real disaster! By that time I already stopped thinking that I could become fat again! I didn't want this to happen! Happily the situation was resolved very quickly. On the web I found an official website of this magical supplement (it turned out that it is produced in the USA) and I immediately ordered one. After three days I received the package.

I can't believe I look like that!

In my desire to lose weight I completely forgot about my private life. But it didn't forget about me! One handsome self-made man who is running a construction company paid attention to me. So we started dating. And the kilos still melted.

Everything is perfect now. I have charming, imposing, wealthy man! I am equipping our countryside house and working. My son Alex attends the kindergarden. My weight is 126 pounds (57 kilos). I have lost 55 pounds (25 kilos) in total!

All is possible without any diets, hard trainings, stretch marks, sagging breasts and other consequences of fast weight loss.

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